Helping Individuals and Organisations discover what is possible through Innovation and Learning !!


As an off-shoot of Dexler Information Solutions that has been at the forefront of SAP Education landscape for over 15 years, DexlerOne aims to carry the legacy forward with Laser focus on enabling tomorrow's resources for Industry 4.0.

With innovative outcome based solutions that are relevant and transformational, DexlerOne aims to provide solutions that enable individuals, institutions and organisations of tomorrow.

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Dedicated Team

People are the difference between a great idea and a great company. Our dedicated team of experts ensure that you are ready to face the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0.

Latest Technology

Ride the Technology Wave with our latest and innovative solutions that enable you to stay ahead of the curve.


Delivery on Time

Speed is of essence and we know it well. Our dependable delivery ensures that all our innovative solutions are delivered on time so that you can focus on conquering the world.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a way of life. And this thought is engrained in all our solutions and delivery processes. Multiple Q gates at various points ensures Quality of delivery and reduces rework.


Whether you are an organsation looking at building synergy, an Institution eager to improve your students’ employability or an individual chasing your professional growth dreams, we have a solution for you.

Digital Transformation Kit

Dexler lets you achieve a flexible, structured and effective SAP learning journey for any learner, resulting in a better employee and successful growth.

SAP Learning Hub

Build SAP skills – and keep them up-to-date –with SAP Learning Hub. Online training and enablement solution offers easy access to the latest SAP education content.

SAP Assessment

Ready-to-deploy SAP Assessment Service which addresses the organisation's business, learning and career needs through assessments that are are current and constantly aligned to SAP solution strategy, created based on modern principles of Assessment design.

CampusOne Programs

The Dexler Campus Programs expands on the SAP Student Academy Programs for educational institutions. Designed to provide convenient and cost effective SAP training to students aspiring for SAP CAREERS.

On-Demand VLC Training

Robust On-Premise and On-Cloud VLC platforms for virtual learning including Trainers and dedicated Infrastructure.



Humanistic stands for respecting each individual and being humanistic towards them, whether it be our customer, vendor, or employee.


Driving passion and energy in to every situation, our team will ensure that the assigned work is seen through. 


Our people are motivated to dream big and then pursue them to closure. 


In the changing world, we are driven to constantly re-invent ourselves and be relevant individually and collectively.


We constantly question and challenge ourselves to come up with Transformational solutions that make you ready for tomorrow.


The world is changing and changing fast. With new trends such as Industry 4.0 disrupting business as usual, every organisation, institution and individual has to re-invent not just to be competitive but to survive.

DexlerOne, with its forward looking, outcome-based solutions aims at help organisations, institutions and individuals be ready for the new wave. 

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